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Thrive Marriage Mastermind Workshop!

You're about to experience 2 days of pure marriage advice, tools, and practical actions proven to change your marriage! 

Yes! You're about to reserve your spot. But first, I need you to commit to a few things for the workshop:

1 - I will be available June 12th & 13th,  6:30 pm - 9:00 pm EST.

2 - I understand and agree to be on camera and to engage and learn both days of the event.

3 - I understand Dana Che will be teaching me and workshop attendees how to create a thriving marriage.

4 - I understand I will not be able to buy anything during the workshop but will have an opportunity to INVEST in my marriage afterward.

5 - I understand that in exchange for attending this FREE event, I agree to give Dana Che feedback on an after-event call.

By filling out the below information you agree to the above terms and are ready to reserve your spot now!